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Top 10 Jobs You Can Get With An MBA

May 15, 2020
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Advancing up the workplace ladder may seem difficult for many people. If you are starting to feel stuck in your career, acquiring a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can be just what you need to get the job of your dreams.

An MBA is a versatile degree that can get you ahead in a variety of jobs and career paths. From tech-based careers to finance and sales, there are many ways in which you can advance your career. Read our list of 10 well-paying jobs you can get with an MBA.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Individuals in this role are vital to keeping any company that uses computer systems online. They also often help put together various in-house systems, which require substantial knowledge of the business’s operations. While an MBA isn’t required for this job, having one will distinguish you from the competition and can put you on a path toward position as a chief technology officer (CTO) or information technology director.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for this position is $146,000.1

Chief Technology Officer

This job is an executive position, similar to a CEO. CTOs are in charge of a company's technological needs and research and development (R&D). This individual examines the needs of an organization and helps guide various investments designed to help the organization reach its objectives. This job is one of the top-paying roles at a company.

According to PayScale.com, CTOs typically make a median salary of $159,477.2

Information Technology Director

Want to be sure your company is cyber secure? This job title might be better for you. IT directors are responsible for the security of a company’s computer and software systems. They accomplish this by developing and enacting goals for the IT department, evaluating the IT and business requirements of different departments, and conducting research studies to determine the best use of technical resources.

With an ever-changing ecosystem, individuals trained in the newest technology are vital to any company, especially growing organizations. Data from Salary.com shows that IT directors make an average of $175,000 a year.3

Sales Manager

This individual oversees sales within a company and creates marketing strategies to boost sales and revenue. They also look for ways to meet the needs of their customers by evaluating and observing market trends to guide the decisions companies make. This role is analytics-heavy with a focus on understanding the end user or customer.

According to Salary.com, on average, people in this position make $117,336 a year.4

High-End Management Consultant

A high-end management consultant provides direction for a company. These individuals help organizations stay competitive by helping solve management problems, increase efficiency, maximize profits, control costs, and increase worker productivity. People in this line of work typically help a company establish an online presence and adjust to new business regulations.

Data from Glassdoor shows that a consultant can make around $115,000 per year.5

Business Operations Manager

Business operations managers are knowledgeable about operations and supply chain management. Using their knowledge and skills, they help overcome various business challenges pertaining to supply and demand. Typically, the goal of people with this job is to manage the global supply chain more efficiently.

U.S. News & World Report indicates that the average salary for people in this role is $100,000 a year.6

Health Services Manager

If you have a passion for healthcare, this position may be the right one for you. In this job, you would ensure that companies meet government regulations on healthcare delivery. Health services managers oversee the work of various individuals, such as doctors, clerical workers, and technicians, to ensure everything is running optimally. This job requires a medical background, although an MBA is not required.

According to U.S. News & World Report, the estimated average salary for health services managers is $99,000 a year.7

Investment Fund Manager

Some companies need financial help, others need help finding what to invest in. Investment fund managers provide financial advice to individual clients and companies. However, that is not all they do. They also help direct investments in the stock market, real estate, and other investments. Some are involved with making or revising portfolios and proposing portfolio strategies.

CareerExplorer.com reports that the average salary for individuals in this position is $107,000 per year.8

HR Director

For those who like to problem-solve when people disagree, help train people, or enjoy finding the right person for a job, your path may be human resources. Individuals in this position should be comfortable giving feedback and know various workplace laws. This job is a step toward a career as a chief operating officer, a person who can help set the tone of a workplace.

Salary.com shows that the average salary for this position is $157,000 a year.9

Marketing Director

A marketing director provides guidance, direction, and leadership to the marketing department. They may manage the marketing of a business or of a particular product or group of products. After this job, many move on to become chief marketing officers.

Indeed.com finds that this job has an average yearly salary of $97,757.10

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