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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Salary

August 02, 2022
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If you are thinking about returning to get your bachelor of science in business administration, no doubt one of your primary motivations is to earn a higher salary.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for careers in business and finance was $76,570 in 2021, over $30,000 more than the median annual wage for all occupations.1 The money is good; however, most lucrative careers in this industry require a bachelor’s degree.

The good news is you can use the college credits you’ve already earned, plus any relevant job experience you already have, to get your bachelor of science in business administration degree online in as little as 19 months. Read on to learn the business administration degree salary for several careers in this lucrative, ever-expanding field.

What Is a Business Administration Degree Completion Program?

If you have some college credits but didn’t finish your undergraduate degree, you’re not alone. Roughly one-third (32.9 percent) of undergraduates don't earn their bachelor's degree. Not finishing your degree has consequences, though. Unfortunately, people who don't get their bachelor's degree are 19.6% more likely to face unemployment, and they make an average of 48.4 percent less income than college graduates.2

A degree completion program allows you to get your bachelor of science in business administration by using the credits you have earned and, in many cases, build on your on-the-job experience. This is a more affordable option than undertaking a new degree program.

Online bachelor of science in business administration programs have the added advantage of allowing you to keep working while you earn the credits you need to get your bachelor’s degree.

Careers to Pursue with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree

Once you complete your degree, you may qualify for several higher-paying jobs, many of them managerial positions with room to grow. Here are just some of the roles for which you become eligible with a bachelor of science in business administration.

Franchise Manager

Franchise managers are responsible for supporting the brand of a transnational or global enterprise while at the same time making sure that their franchise delivers top-notch customer service and operates in the black.

All of that responsibility comes with a higher salary. Franchise managers earn a median salary of $61,378 in the United States.3

Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers direct, plan, and coordinate an organization’s administrative functions. Depending on the size of the company that employs you, you might have a team of people working under you or represent the company as the entire HR department.

The median annual salary for this position is $126,230. You’ll need several years of experience to command a six-figure salary, though. The demand for human resources managers is projected to increase by nine percent over the next decade.4

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts, who collect data and study consumer trends to help companies better understand their market shares, are in high demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that this career is poised to grow 22 percent over the next decade—much faster than the average of all occupations combined.5

Experience in the field can help you to become a market research analyst, but you’ll need a bachelor of science in business administration to get through the door of most companies.

Health Services Manager

Medical and health services managers direct, plan and coordinate the business side of healthcare practices. This career requires a bachelor's degree in business administration or a related field.

The median business administration degree salary for this career in 2021 was $101,340. Medical and health services management is a career that's expected to grow much faster than average—a whopping 32 percent over the next decade.6

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts examine a company’s financial data against prevailing economic trends to predict in what areas the company might invest to facilitate growth.

The median pay for this profession was $81,410 in 2021; typical entry-level employees will have at least a bachelor’s degree. Projected job growth for this career is six percent over the next decade, so the demand here is smaller than in some other professions that you can enter with a BSBA degree.7

Compliance Officer

Compliance officers make sure that companies abide by industry laws and regulations, both global and domestic. They ensure that companies are not faced with hefty fines, legal problems or damage to their reputations.

This is an in-demand job for graduates with a BSBA degree. According to statistics compiled by Indeed.com, the average base salary for this position is $59,216.8

Marketing Manager

Like a market research analyst, a marketing manager analyzes data and trends to increase a company's market share. Specifically, marketing managers design programs and campaigns to create interest in a company's products or services. They may work alone or as part of a larger team.

In 2021, the median salary for a marketing manager was an impressive $133,380. This career requires no on-the-job training, but you will need a bachelor's degree to get an entry-level position. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for these professionals is projected to increase 10 percent over the next decade—an average rate of growth overall.9


When hired internally, accountants examine and prepare financial records for individual companies. Sometimes an organization may also employ accountants externally—for instance, to conduct an audit—and many seasoned accountants operate as consultants.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this career is growing about as fast as all professions and is projected to grow by seven percent over the next decade. The median pay for accountants in 2021 was $77,250.10

Ready to Advance Your Career with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration?

The online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from California State University, Chico is your ticket to a higher salary and more rewarding career. Our degree completion program lets you build not only on the credits you’ve already earned but also on your existing job experience. Since the BSBA program is fully online, it allows you to work at your own pace and schedule—at an affordable price point.

To learn more about how you can graduate with your bachelor’s degree in as few as 19 months, reach out to one of our Admissions Advisors today by scheduling a call.